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Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

Spiritual Gifts

What are they for?


When we feel alone and detached, knowing that we are seen, recognized, and supported on the spiritual plane is often a great source of comfort.


Answers that are not accessible by other means can be ascertained by using spiritual abilities - Insight into what is happening and why. 


When worldly circumstances do not make sense, spiritual modalities can show you why something is happening in your life and what direction it is trying to lead you. 

Learning Your Abilities - Tools for Individuals

Emerging Abilities- Now What?

Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

What is Your Soul Path?

Your Inner Battles

Energetic Boundaries

Spiritual Healing

When your abilities become known to you, the next logical question is what are you supposed to do you do with them? And what all can you do? This will be answered fully in time, but more immediately there are ways to begin learning and refining what you have.

Intuitive, mediumistic, energetic, and psychic abilities can be very helpful to you and others, or very harmful. Learning how your abilities work and training them properly takes time and testing. Develop your abilities with integrity through a combination of experiment, observation, and practice.

Gaining clarity about your inner plane allows you to see where you are struggling, and what life pursuits and relationships would be more harmonious with your soul path. Using your Vedic Nakshatras, I map your hidden processes and explain what role your conflict experiences play in your journey.

Based on our own unique path, we all have a very personal set of inner conflict, drives, and instincts. When you understand your internal processes, you see your hidden strengths and purpose. You also learn how you relate to others at a unconscious level, and how to navigate your conflict more intentionally.

If you are sensitive to energy of people around your, the conflict and toxicity of others can feel overwhelming. But there are techniques to help. Learning Energetic Boundaries puts you in charge of your own energy, so you no longer have to feel subjected to the moods swings, anger, dysfunction of the people around you.

Spiritual Healing aligns you with your life force. After the healing, you receive a reading of the spiritual messages that came through during the healing to provide you guidance and direction. Whatever is happening, you will have a stronger insight about why, and a clear direction on how to move forward.

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