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Spiritual Conflict

Here are some ways it can look:


You feel alone, detached, or unable to connect with people. You want to learn what your purpose is and how to integrate that meaning into your life.

Couples & Families

You find your values no longer match those of your partner, and you can no longer find mutual benefit from  the relationship. Still, you need to handle your commitments in an ethical manner.

Groups & Teams

You cannot see the purpose or meaning in your work anymore. You feel pressed to make changes that align your material needs with your spiritual/moral values. 

Spiritual Services

You are experiencing Spiritual Conflict when your values feel out of alignment with the people and situations around you. ​Spiritual conflict is often initiated by a sudden change or transformative experience which shifts your worldview and makes connection with others difficult. 


Contact me to inquire about which service is right for you.

Dealing with Others - Tools for Relationships

Handling Conflict as a Spiritual Person

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Integrating Your Life and Spirituality

Spiritual Conflict with Others

Harnessing Your Spiritual Strength

Understanding Your Spiritual Experiences

As spiritual people, the way we handle conflict matters. Interactions we have with others during times of stress holds a mirror up for us to see ourselves. Sometimes we see room for improvement on our end, and sometimes we see where we need to stand up for ourselves and stop accommodating unhealthy behavior. The balance lies in whether we are engaging fully or spiritually bypassing.

Disclosing your spiritual abilities can alter how people treat you. Coming out of the "spiritual closet" is a very personal choice that everyone must make, in the time and manner that it best serves them. I help you consider the practicalities and make the best decision for you at the present time.

Spiritual Integration is living your values through your choices – these are your character, temperament, words, relationships, and behaviors. This service supports you in merging your life and spirituality, with the goal of them no longer being separate.

Judgement about your spiritual life is a painful source of conflict when imposed on us by others, even if it isn’t personal. I work with you to find the best way to handle and resolve this conflict, in a way that brings you peace and honors your spiritual integrity.

Spiritual Strength is no exclusively about turning the other cheek or about being a doormat to others. It is about developing your discernment and using it to bring harmony where discord exists. Learn the many ways you an exercise your Spiritual Strength in personal and professional situations.

If you or someone you know has had a a spiritual or transpersonal experience, it can be confusing what to do with the information. Values and relationships may change dramatically, causing conflict with other who did not have the experience. This service will help orient you in the experience, and new reality.

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