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Our 90 Minute Relationship Insight service offers couples a unique approach to improving their relationship. Through the use of our tools and strategies, couples can gain a deeper understanding of each other and their relationship, allowing them to communicate more effectively and create a stronger bond. This service is useful for any aspect of your relationship, from sexuality and communication to daily life, work ambition, personal drives, and any other relationship issues you may be facing. When you understand your internal processes, and those of the other person, you can more easily identify and resolve conflicts, and create a healthier, more meaningful relationship with deeper intimacy.


About: Gaining clarity about the inner plane of each personal allows you to see where you are struggles and life pursuits can be handled more harmoniously. Using your Vedic Nakshatras, I map your hidden processes and explain what role your conflict experiences play in your life and relationships. Based on our own unique paths, you have a very personal - and sometimes very different - sets of inner conflict, drives, and instincts. You will see how you are relating to others at a unconscious level, and  how to navigate your conflict more intentionally.

Relationship Insight

  • Sessions can be rescheduled outside of 72 hours from the date/time of the appointment without penalty. Within 72 hours, the cancellation fee is the full cost of the session. Our policy does not include refunds. By confirming your payment for any product or service, you accept these terms and the cancellation/refund policy. 

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