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How We Will Work Together

When you work with me, we delve into the conflict that everyone has been avoiding.


Although conflict is uncomfortable, it creates the hard trials that teach us who we are. I help you identify and understand the complex layers and sources of your conflict so you are set free from unconscious drives and can be the fullest expression of yourself.

An objective ear for the unspeakable​.


Even to trained mental health professionals, there are some topics we dare not speak. Whatever feels too irreverent, unforgivable, too crazy or unimaginable say out loud, too shameful or embarrassing – everything that has remained unspoken and repressed – this is what we address. Rather than keep that wisdom stifled, I approach these unspeakable topics as the spaces which hold your strength and deepest potential for growth. You get a larger variety of perspective and solutions.

Compromise breeds resentment​.


Conventional approaches ultimately encourage couples to consider their problems through conventional methods and find solutions within conventional frameworks. I approach things differently. Rather than limiting the expression of what conflict is allowed to be within a couple, I work to unearth the depths of unspoken emotions, ideas, underlying tensions, and triggers to bring you closer.

Containing & controlling conflict keeps you stuck​.


Conventional approaches stifle conflict by controlling emotions and silencing honest opinion. This only serves to dilute an individual’s passion and drive. It also teaches groups how to avoid difficult issues and say what is acceptable to say, rather than what is actually happening. I take the opposite approach of convention. Rather than repressing or managing conflict, I go deeper. My techniques elicit rough edges, underlying aggression, and hidden opposition to move you forward in a real way.

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