Fortune Telling


180 Min / $275

Sometimes mental and physical ailments we experience are rooted in trauma from past lives, and sometimes they are connected to lessons you are learning in this life. Quantum Healing Hypnosis is also called past life regression. This process allows a client to access his or her subconscious – your Higher Self, the part of one’s being which holds the knowledge you have gained over lifetimes and which supersedes the conscious mind. When in the hypnotic state, the facilitator will take you through past lifetimes and communicate with your Higher Self. Clients are encouraged to prepare questions in advance, and you can record their sessions for ongoing reference. By connecting with the soul, clients can tap into their deepest level of knowledge to learn about themselves, and how to heal past trauma. The practical application is that you can recognize your subconscious conditioning and stop replicating patterns that hold you back in life and slow your soul’s progress.