Night Sail



What do metaphysical services have to do with conflict resolution? Quite a lot. Cultures around the world acknowledge the ability to access ancient wisdom and spiritual information through various modalities such as prayer, meditation, sound, and connection with nature. Dr. Nicholson's academic volume Natural Healing as Conflict Resolution (IGI Global, 2020) is a collection from authors around the globe who detail how spirituality, ancient wisdom, and intuitive abilities help address issues on the planes of public policy, health care, family and tribal conflict, as well as personal and private matters. 

As it pertains to your life, Metaphysical assistance is for people whose questions cannot be answered by worldly means. Some services must be done in person, and others can be done remotely. Metaphysical services are not for everyone, nor are they for entertainment. Please inquire should you wonder what service would be right for you.