Working directly with Client, independent of other parties or interests, to offer unbiased observation and perspective.

- Special Projects
- Discreet Inquiries
- Internal Negotiating
- Liaison Services


Working alongside legal and communication teams to augment strategy and tactical implementation. 

- Litigation Positioning
- Crisis Response
- Strategic Message Alignment
- Counter Narrative Development


Assisting Client in private or personal situations, These could be sudden issues or ongoing dynamics. 

- Interventions / Confrontations
- Conflict Facilitation
- Estrangement Reconnection
- On-Site Emergency Support

I will help you address and resolve a complex situation by providing conflict resolution strategies and tactics, tailored to your personal circumstances. These are some ways I have worked in the past:  

Personal, interpersonal, and professional dilemmas for which the client needs both acute clarity and a specific course of action. This usually involves navigating business partnerships, board members, personal relationships, office politics, public perception, and strategic positioning.

Private or public individuals who find themselves in challenging personal or professional circumstances. Also teams, couples, families who are navigating difficult conflict. My clients are successful, excellent at solving problems, and have available resources to help them do so. Clients usually call me when the problem has advanced beyond their threshhold.

Among many reasons:

1. The issue is too personal to share with their inner circle.

2. The source of their advice is coming from a particular industry mentality (legal, financial, business). They want to see the landscape from a different vantage point.

2. Time is critical. They are confronted with an unexpected conversation or circumstance and need to decide on something quickly.

3. A high level of emotion is involved, which the client recognizes may impede his or her judgement. They need a detached perspective.

Exactly the opposite; it demonstrates great wisdom on the part of the existing team. Conflict resolution is a completely different set of skills than is present in any other profession. Integrating conflict resolution to your strategic decisions adds value by broadening the outlook of the problem and generating a greater field of options for the client or company.