West Africa Proposed Cooperative Settlement

Advised donor on socio-cultural context of potential development project. Donor was unaware of contested, often deadly land claim issues caused by (at that time) the newly ended the civil war, social disruption and loss of deeds and public records. Donor was also unaware that unemployment was a result of decimated infrastructure caused by a civil war, not a lack of motivation from the people. Donor misunderstood the high-context social structure of the country’s culture, imagining it instead to be low-context individualistic like US, which would have fundamentally undermined his initial approach. Coached on methods to approach the indigenous community for mutually successful results.

Engagement Strategies for Donors of International Anti-Human Trafficking NGO

Constructed engagement strategies and advised on narrative approaches for a development organization operating in 114 countries globally. This entailed speaking with major donors to understand their philanthropic goals, as well as determining what level of involvement they wished to have in a project. Planned social events to educate donors about the issues they were funding in a to clarify and negotiate programming objectives more effectively. Throughout 3-week donor trip across India, adjusted messaging of NGO workers how to communicate their programs with donors in terms of sustainable development efforts, citing steps in the progression of cyclical poverty to create more opportunities to educate donors and encourage financial engagement in program aspects that resonated with their philanthropic goals.

Loaned Executive for Non-Profit Organizations

Served as a loaned executive to local nonprofits, to review and coach nonprofit leaders on how to improve systems and procedures to optimize available resources. Created protocols for recruitment, management, and retention of volunteer workers. Identified cost-effective solutions to problems by investigating creative ways to control expenses while maintaining high standards of service. Results were tangible - discovered one organization to have $200,000 in annual waste. 

West Africa Community Health Initiative Program

Optimized gift impact by analyzing resource environment. Hired by US-based donor who wanted to contribute to health care efforts in a post-war West African nation. Although initially inclined to contribute to a large hospital in the capital city, subsequent information suggested a different approach would generate greater impact. Provided him with information regarding health care needs of the population, which were largely primary care that could be administered at community outposts with minimal training and result in a greater number of people having access to services without the constrains and limitations of extensive travel to the capital.

Exploratory Human Trafficking Project for Philanthropic Foundation

Contributing to sustainable development effort, investigated domestic and international human trafficking for a private foundation whose President was deciding whether to engage their resources. Successfully identified new and existing options for possible areas of involvement, such as messaging and visibility of the issue, economic opportunity for victims, funding of prevention mechanisms, and coordinating efforts among nonprofit organizations and philanthropic foundations.

Discrete Market Investigation for Philanthropic Initiative 

Provided discreet interviews and research on behalf of a private family foundation exploring the possibility of creating a regional resource center to coordinate anti-human trafficking activity. Conferred with regional anti-human trafficking coalitions, Homeland Security Investigations, US and States Attorney offices, victim service providers, and other relevant stakeholders. Based on the information provided, an organization was created that more coherently supported efforts of service providers, investigators, prosecutors, and law enforcement entities working in the space.


Litigation Positioning for Real Estate Developer

Facilitated the crisis intervention and image management for a Manhattan real estate developer who was excluded by his partners from a project he had initiated and seen to fruition. Secured his image with potential investors and maintained his standing in the Manhattan real estate market. Increased settlement offer by $14m (from $3m to $17m).

Press Strategy & Donor Communication for National Board of Directors

Trained Board of Directors to handle press inquiries and fundraising conversations, in anticipation of national exposure. Teen Suicide Prevention nonprofit about to receive national exposure on television show “Secret Millionaire” and lacked internal coherency in their message. Provided strategic consultation for core programming decisions and professionalization. Also mitigated a crisis involving their celebrity spokesperson.

Business Liaison for Federal (EEOC) Equal Employment  Investigation

Conducted interviews and prepared company information on behalf of a corporate client in response to an investigation launched by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Organized and submitted documents (personnel records, organizational charts, witness statements, etc.) in accordance with EECO specifications.

Message Strategy for International Anti-Trafficking Child Rescue Organization

Developed core messaging strategy and revised training materials for newly formed NGO that investigates human trafficking cases. Recommended strategic alignments with salient partners in law enforcement to build reputational integrity, trained staff on core messaging when communicating with donors, and advised what programming aspects were unique to their organization from a donor’s perspective.

Negotiation Strategy for Mega Yacht International Disaster Response Organization

Advised mega yacht disaster response nonprofit regarding the international philanthropic and NGO space. Specifically addressed the lack of coordinated effort and funding competition among NGOs, the context in which they were situated. Advised on aspects donors look for in evaluating the organization for funding, so they could communication these points effectively in their messaging and not be subjected to politicization of their mission.

Countering Domestic Violent Extremism as a Campaign Messaging Strategy

Developed strategy for Swedish political operatives to pitch CVE services to party executives in a politically relevant manner, working within the interests of stakeholders to maximize their positive exposure while minimizing the involvement of the outside contracting organization.

Congressional Legislative Advocacy for Charitable Giving

Promoted legislative initiative regarding charitable giving. Collaborated with national philanthropic organizations, thought leaders and media outlets to promote this initiative. Developed messaging strategies to generate understanding of the issue among both congressional members and the public, resulting in the America Gives More Act - HR. 4719, passed on July 17, 2014.

Donor Intent Realignment for Philanthropic Foundation

Realigned current funding practices with historical donor intent. Identified long-term goals of the foundation and created actionable steps to achieve the desired goals. Evaluated current activities against long term organizational objectives. Adjusted internal directing and resources accordingly and communicated this action to the Board of Directors.