Image by Humphrey Muleba



When the body is unbalanced.

When the mind is distressed.

When the spirit is oppressed.

-How dis-ease occurs, according to Ayurvedic wisdom

8th House Elan offers body treatments designed specifically to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. To bring you optimal tranquility, 30 minutes of conflict resolution is included after each body treatment.  Treatments include a combination of dry brushing, oil massage, steam bath, and herbal application as detailed below.



Ayurvedic Body treatments include a combination of the following:


Warm Oil Massage

Abhyanga is revitalizing and detoxifying full body massage. Ayurvedic organic oils infused with herbs are applied in large quantities to nourish the skin and penetrate at a cellular level. The mind and body are lulled into a deep state of relaxation as toxins loosen from deep tissue and mobilize for elimination.  Abhyanga relieves fatigue and promotes sound sleep. It also activates the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Your body is left feeling calmed and rejuvenated.


Dry Brush

Dry brushing of the skin that exfoliates, enhances circulation, and activates the lymphatic system. It allows oils and herbs to penetrate skin more easily, and also promotes shiny, healthy skin.


Herbal Massage

Herbal paste lymphatic massage that deeply penetrates the skin and releases stagnant toxins. Udvartana naturally exfoliates and restores skin to its natural radiance.


3rd Eye Cleanse

In ancient Sanskrit, ‘Shiro’ means head, and ‘dhara’ means flow. Shirodhara cleanses and resets your mind (thoughts), body (actions), and spirit (intentions). This relaxing and gentle flow of herbal oil on the 3rd Eye will enhance your concentration, clarity, and intuition.


Channel Clearing

Herbal oil is applied into the nostrils and inhaled deeply. Nasya combats excessive dryness that cause allergic and respiratory conditions and medicates the central nervous system.


Head Massage

Luxurious massage of the head, face, neck, and shoulders that activates the facial lymphatic system. Combined with Nasya, this treatment is invaluable for balancing neck, head, and respiration disorders.


Steam Bath

When done after oil massage, steam (swedana) further expels the toxins from your body and promotes full absorption of Ayurvedic oils and nutrients into your skin.


Milk & Rice Bath

Bulbs of white rice cooked in cow milk and infused with herbs is massaged into the joints and tissue. Done as an alternative to steam, this powerfully detoxifying treatment aids with sound rest and energetic rejuvenation.


Herbal Enema

Basti is an herbal enema that pulls toxins from the colon and expels them from the body. A basti is a dam of dough on focused area of the body holding medicated oil onto that area (heart, back, spine, knees, etc) . Applied after massage and steam, basti flush out the loosened impurities and transports Ayurvedic medicine to the blood and tissue, helping to transform the memory of toxic and damaged cells.


Harmonizing Perception

Enhancements that harmonize the healing capabilities of all five senses. Sound includes Vedic mantras and singing bowls. Touch enlivens vital spots called Marma points.Taste may include herbs. Sight uses specific colors correlating with the chakras. Smell are calming aromatics. The combination brings awareness to the origins of one's thoughts and feelings.