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Inner conflict involves observable dynamics, and complex structural and psychological underpinnings. I provide technical knowledge, guidance, and support to help you resolve inner conflict and work through challenging circumstances.

Services are offered in Person, via Zoom, and On-Location.

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Resolving inner conflict gives you a higher quality of life. You feel a sense of peace and direction. It reduces stress, anxiety, and physical pain. Resolved inner conflict also allows you to feel deeper intimacy and have more fulfilling relationships. 

Spiritual modalities allow you access to answers and information that cannot be answered by other worldly means. These services provide you peace and direction, and help you make meaning of the events in your life from a spiritual perspective. 

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Spa Treatment

Ayurveda is ancient Indian wisdom acknowledging the metaphysical connection between activity in the mind and physical symptoms in the body. Ayurveda  body treatments release embedded tension and subconscious emotion. You are left feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.

The struggles in your life have meaning. The Vedic Nakshatras represent the 27 stages of the soul. Reading your chart, I explain what role your conflict is playing in your soul development. Knowing what your lessons you are learning allows you to make meaning of impossible situations, and allows you to use those experiences to your benefit.

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