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Concierge Conflict & Ayurveda Services


8th House Elan helps clients navigate difficult periods of change and transition. 

Clients experience peace of mind, clarity, and sense of direction.

Services can be performed remotely and on-location. For those who prefer am immersive healing experience, I offer on-location Ayurvedic bodywork and spiritual integration packages ranging from 3-15 days.

The astrological 8th House is house of Alchemy, the process of spiritual transformation. 

Although deeply painful, adversity enables us to to develop our true character,

so this process shows through your greatest defeat, your strongest attributes.

8th House Elan supports you in becoming more of who you are, and walking your path with dignity, even in the hardest times.

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Conflict is personal. What you need from a situation is very specific to you. Also you are the one who lives with your decisions (or indecision). Taking care in your approach is wise. Dr. Nicholson draws ancient and contemporary wisdom from around the world, blending techniques of spirituality, kinetic learning, and tactical negotiation to provide you with a range of options.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes the answers we seek cannot be not found in the physical world. Intuitive services show you the higher purpose of your life and reveal the meaning in your experiences. Metaphysical services are themselves a profound experience. They provide a new perspective to walk your path and the needed insight to understand your direction.

 8th House Elan offers full body treatments and targeted treatments for the head, neck, feet, and back designed specifically to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Ayurveda bodywork relaxes and rejuvenates the body, while also calming the mind. Among many other benefits, each treatment aids with sound sleep and includes a 30-minutes of  conflict resolution.



Dr. Rebecca Nicholson is a specialist in conflict analysis and resolution. She helps clients navigate difficult times by integrating scientific acumen, multicultural healing modalities, and a spiritual perspective.



For scheduling and inquiries, please call or email. Note if your situation is urgent and you will be contacted immediately.

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